Title Chances: Who can win?


As the year starts its decent the question inevitably crops up; who’s going to win the title? Button seemed to be a lock a month ago and now Red Bull surged forward with a real challenge to the championship. Then, almost out of no where, McLAren have sprang forth from hinterland and claimed a win and near-win taking the much needed points away from both Brawn GP and Red Bull.

As Paul mentioned in podcast #121, Vettel has to go for wins if he is to have any hope of claiming the championship. Button is in defensive mode while his teammate has the challenge of not scuppering his partners chances but taking a serious run at it himself. Mark Webber has nothing to lose and all to gain while Kimi Raikkonen could be a cat among the pigeons.

So who has to do what to win? Well I am glad you asked. I was perusing Keith’s site like a usually do and he (the king of graphs and all things graphical) has taken the time to break it down. So instead of letting my festering pie hole go on, I’ll let Keith say it with style…as he is wont to do.

It should be an interesting finish with the McLaren’s and Ferrari mixing up the points haul but anyone care to take a guess? Who is your man for the Drivers championship and who is it for the Constructor’s Championship?

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