Today’s ‘cheeky’ award goes to Toro Rosso: The Alguersuari GP?

As part of the Toro Rosso previewing of the Spanish Grand Prix, the team has a post up titled: “Toro Rosso Prepares for the Alguersuari Grand Prix.”

It might not quite win the Bravado Award, but it isn’t bad.

As the team points out, it is a big weekend for Spanish Formula 1 fans:

Actually, Jaime shares the limelight with the highest level of Spanish F1 involvement we have ever seen. Top of the pile has to be Fernando Alonso: a double world champion and a Ferrari driver ticks all the right boxes. Then we also have Pedro de la Rosa, who like Alguersuari is not just Spanish, but from Barcelona itself and finally there’s the Hispania Racing Team. Given that the Iberian media are an excitable lot, they will probably go into meltdown this weekend.

[Dare I even point out the whole “excitable lot” quote? When will F1 learn to stay away from the nationalistic generalizations? Before the British GP, will Toro Rosso talk about all the “tea and crumpets” they expect to litter the track? Anyway…]

Here’s a pretty funny line from the release: “It wasn’t always like this as there was a time – pre Alonso – in Spain when there was more chance of the F1 drivers recognising the track spectators than the other way round.”

Good one, Toro Rosso PR folks.

What really interests me though is the coincidence that the team could lead with the whole “Alguersuari GP” angle because, arguably, I think Jaime is one of the big stories going into this weekend. He’s really caught fire the past two races, and the cars are supposed to have some upgrade (of course, they all will, well, except for yours Lucas). I think there is reason to expect Jaime to climb near Q3 if not squeak into the last round of “knock-out qualifying.”

Am I alone in expecting big things from him?

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