Today’s F1 surprise: Brit paper sees Macca duo stronger than RBR

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Here’s today’s edition of “Homer paper favors its own.”

It comes via the Times of London. And it’s… well it’s hilarious. Good fun!

Despite the constant rain, grey skies and gloomy atmosphere at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve here yesterday, there was a sense of the air being cleared.

The ramifications of the incident-packed Turkish Grand Prix in Istanbul 12 days ago — involving the Red Bulls of Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel and the McLarens of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button — were still reverberating around the paddock. All concerned were going out of their way to stress that it was business as usual and that there were no hard feelings. In the case of Hamilton and Button it was believable; regarding Webber, the Formula One drivers’ championship leader from Australia, and Vettel, the precociously talented German, less so.

When attempting to analyse the relationship between Hamilton and Button it is difficult not to find comparisons to that of David Cameron and Nick Clegg, whereas Webber and Vettel appear more similar to Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

McLaren fan — or not. British media basher — or not. That is taking a story, mashing it about and turning into something even better.

Now, I guess we have to take this report with a heavy, heavy grain of salt, but my most accounts McLaren’s two drivers do seem to be getting on better than Red Bull’s. And I can’t imagine that Sebastian Vettel’s solidly handing Mark Webber his backside in the first practice today would have helped anything.

We’ll have to see how free practice two plays out and, of course, qualifying.

I say Vettel is the one with the most to prove this weekend, though. Anyone feel like they see anything on track so far that reflects all this brouhaha?


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