Today’s media ‘homer’ comment: Hamilton ‘arguably the finest exponent of the art’

I just did a double double-take.

In what is a pretty good example of boosterism — and we’ve talked plenty about this, good and bad, right and wrong, here at F1B — but also a piece that provides some interesting insight into McLaren’s positive outlook post-Canada, the Telegraph’s Tom Cary lays down a line that I think might give some of you whiplash.

Hamilton’s racing ability has never been questioned; he is arguably the finest exponent of the art to have buckled himself into a Formula One cockpit.

Wow. That’s, well, that’s quite a statement to make about a 25-year-old, one-time world champion.

Not that Lewis Hamilton isn’t extremely talented. He is. I think at this point in the 2010 season he’s the driver of the year, and not just because he’s leading the driver standings. He’s done it in a car that until only this weekend, maybe the last race, was clearly the second or third best on the grid.

He’s been racey as heck. He’s pulled off some exciting passes. He’s also had his moments, but those seem to come with his style and exuberance.

But to suggest he’s the best F1 artist of all time? That might be going a bit far, don’t you think?


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