Todd, Nico Rosberg should be your new favorite driver (plus a question for everyone)

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Over at Nico Rosberg’s Twitter feed, we learned this week that the speedy German driver got a guitar for Christmas and has just had his first lesson.

I think that’s more than enough for Nico to become Todd’s new favorite Formula 1 driver.

But if that were all to it, I could just as easily have sent Todd a text message. This got me to thinking about how and why we choose our favorite drivers (as opposed to favorite teams, which may be less fluid?):

  • The easiest reason is because the driver is your favorite team’s No. 1. Thus, Todd’s old favorite driver was Felipe Massa, Ferrari’s No. 1 driver (at least until further notice, aka the first lap of testing).
  • There is some shared history or background: Your mom came from Russia so you have to love Vitaly Petrov, although you may need to find a new favorite.
  • You keep having dreams of him as your pool boy.
  • He (or she) has something in their driving style or approach you fancy.
  • You share an interest in extremely cold vodka and falling off boats.

My question then for everyone as we inch our way to the 2013 car reveals is: Who is your favorite F1 driver heading into the season and why?


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