Todt Elected FIA President

No surprise, I am sure, that Jean Todt has been elected FIA president according to the FIA. Jean Todt will take the helm of the FIA with full endorsement of outgoing president Max Mosley and F1 commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone. It progressed exactly as they wanted it to and the clubs fell in line with Mosley’s warning.

Is Jean Todt a bad man? An evil-doer? Of course not. He is a diligent, detailed and successful businessman in the world of motorsport. A team player who has built some of the most successful operations in motorsport. Is it bad that he is to be the new FIA president? Not necessarily but we have to keep in mind that Todt is an FIA pundit and Mosley protege. I suspect he will work in lock step with Eccelstone to ensure that the F1 series continues to fulfill it’s role in the Ecclestone/Mosley system.

As a Ferrari fan I was pleased with Todt’s leadership but as an F1 fan; I think it is clear that the continuance of the Mosely/Ecclestone gambit of velvet glove and iron fist is really something fans were hoping to do away with. But let us hope that Jean Todt will be his own man. I am more than willing to eat crow and recant any notion I’ve made of him being a Mosley sycophant and continuing the culture of corruption at the FIA if he takes a strong position on many of the nonsensical concepts, ideas and regulations the FIA have issued under Mosley’s regime. I also would look for a new voting system that is not designed to be manipulated and controlled by the incumbent.

Let me admit defeat as we supported Ari Vatanen. Let me also admit that my choice for candidate was born from a desire to change the FIA and F1. I felt Todt represented a status quo and continuance of the corruption I feel the sport is steeped in. I will also concede and be the first to admit I was wrong should Jean Todt prove he is above the petty real politik and control of FOM/CVC.

So let me be one of the first to congratulate Jean Todt on his appointment. I want the very best for him and his presidency. There are many sectors of motoring and motor sport counting on his ability to succeed and I, for one, hope he does with great success.

The official press release…you can almost hear Max’s elation with every word.

Press Release
FIA Elects New President

Jean Todt has been elected President of the FIA for a four-year term by the FIA General Assembly at its annual meeting in Paris.

The FIA membership voted as follows:

For Jean Todt: 135
For Ari Vatanen: 49
Abstentions/invalid votes: 12

Voting in the General Assembly was made by secret ballot. The votes were counted in private by the FIA legal department, under the supervision of scrutineers proposed by the two presidential candidates and designated by the General Assembly.

The entire voting procedure was supervised by an external Huissier de Justice (French state-appointed public witness).

The following were also elected as part of Mr Todt’s candidacy list:

President of the Senate
Nick Craw, President, Automobile Competition Committee for the US (USA)

Deputy President Automobile Mobility & Tourism
Brian Gibbons, Chief Executive, New Zealand Automobile Association (New Zealand)

Deputy President Sport
Graham Stoker, Council Chairman, Motor Sports Association (UK)

Senate Members

Hernan Gallegos Banderas, President, Automovil Club del Ecuador (Ecuador)

HH Tunku Mudzaffar bin Tunku Mustapha, Chairman, Automobile Association of Malaysia (Malaysia)

S.H. Rudolf Graf von der Schulenburg, President, Automobilclub von Deutschland (Germany)

Carlos Slim Domit, Patron, Asociación Mexicana Automovilistica (Mexico)

Jainchang Yan, Deputy President, Federation of Automobile Sports of China (China)

Mobility Vice Presidents

Carlos Barbosa, President, Automovel Club de Portugal (Portugal)

Victor Dumot, President, Touring and Automobile Club of Paraguay (Paraguay)

Ignacio Gonzalez Fausto, President, Asociación Mexicana Automovilistica (Mexico)

Gus Lagman, President, Automobile Association Philippines (Philippines)

Franco Lucchesi, Delegate to the FIA, Automobile Club d’Italia (Italy)

Jorge Rosales, President, Automobile Club of Argentina (Argentina)

Danijel Starman, President, Avto-moto zveza Slovenije (Slovenia)

Sport Vice Presidents

José Abed, President, Organizacion Mexicana del Deporte Automovilistico Internacional (Mexico)

Michel Boeri, President, Automobile Club de Monaco (Monaco)

Morrie Chandler, Honorary President, MotorSport New Zealand (New Zealand)

Enrico Gelpi, President, Automobile Club d’Italia (Italy)

Carlos Gracia, President, Real Federación Española de Automovilismo (Spain)

Mohamed ben Sulayem, President, Automobile and Touring Club for United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Surinder Thatthi, Automobile Association of Tanzania (Tanzania)

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