Todt Hints At Ferrari Unrest


After spending many years reading and listening to Jean Todt, this is the first time I can recall him discussing his relationship with Ferrari in this light. With the rumors that Luca is becoming disgruntled with Todt and his son over Massa versus Alonso options for next year, perhaps these comments are a brief insight that perhaps these rumors are true (to a point).

What would Ross Brawn do if Jean and his son left to go to Toyota? Would Alonso, Nico, Kovy or Sutil sign with Ferrari without Todt? Hmmm…the plot thickens.

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I have said this in comments before, I believe it is time for Todt to follow into Luca De’s footsteps – Luca De moved up to run ALL of Ferrari after being Team Boss and now that Luca De runs the big company Fiat. It is time for Jean Todt to move on. The future is not with Jean Todt anymore it is with someone like Ross Brawn. Ross Brawn is Team Boss Candidate anymore, if he is not with Ferrari Ross is Team Boss Bottom Line. Does Luca De want to see Ross Brawn going to Toyota or Honda… Read more »
Negative Camber

Great point; in fact, Post-O-The-Week great!


Good job Bob. I only wish you prize for winning PoW was better.


Wow P-O-W!

I have enjoyed this season and commenting on your blog thanks for the forum to share F1 opinons at!