Todt ‘pressured’ to stand for another term as FIA president

If you were wondering who may be at the helm of the FIA for the next term, your questions may be answered as Jean Todt announced that he will stand for another term.

“Today I was proud to announce to all FIA club presidents my decision to run for a third presidential term at the FIA,” he wrote.

“A lot of people who voted for me are pushing me to go for another mandate,” he said.

“It is very important, because if I had a lot of resistance not to go for election, my decision would be much easier because I will then decide that I will go.

“As I get a lot of pressure, it will be a lot more difficult to resist, so I will take that into consideration with my choice.”

So it isn’t a case of his wanting to stand again but that he’s under tremendous pressure from motoring clubs around the globe to continue his role at FIA president. Has nothing to do with ambition or desire to retain the role so much as pressure from others that demands a mandate. Got it. 

Time to start greasing the palms of backwater motoring clubs for votes I guess. Recall that a motoring club in Botswana has the same vote weight as ADAC or AAA with tens of thousands of members. This was the key to Todt’s initial victory as well as former president Max Mosely retaining his role after the sex scandal. One has to think that if Liberty Media wanted to exert their role and influence over regulations with Ross Brawn, Todt would be a good option as the two have a long history of working together at Ferrari. 

Hat Tip: Autosport

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Todt turned $.5m of the FIA’s money into $72m in just 3 years. That probably means that the FIA can be very generous to its 143 member motoring associations, which must make him a very popular President.
Looking at the list of past FIA presidents, if they get a second term, they tend to stick around for a while.
Do you know if there are any candidates looking to stand against Todt? Would Ari Vatenen give it another shot, or are there others out there prepared to stand????

Salvu Borg

After the FIA was back then relieved of the one-half-the-cancer-of-F1, Jean Totd was the best thing that could happen to F1. He not only turned one half million dollars of FIA’S money into a seventy two million dollar gain in just three years, but most importantly he changed the direction the rule making and the Decision making was done, from one done by dictatorship according to what’s best for the pockets of one man to that of things being done by consensus. Compare the investment by Totd to the Bribery contract worked out by the back then the-two-half-cancers-of-formula-one when they… Read more »


There’s no doubt that the sale of the commercial rights for F1 under the Max and Bernie regime enriched Bernie and CVC to the detrimental of just about everyone else associated with F1. The FIA and Liberty Media have got a heck of a job to sort that situation out, and to endure F1 has a sustainable long term future.