Tony George ousted as CEO?

That wacky and unpredictable Robin Miller has suggested that Tony George has been released as CEO of the Speedway following a board meeting with his sisters. with these rumors running rampant, George felt it was important to tell us what he and his Mom felt about the situation. Something sounds so wimpy about a man and his Mom making decisions and commenting on Press Releases and news stories.

“Contrary to published reports, I continue to serve as CEO of IMS,” said George. “Our board of directors met yesterday, and we did discuss how to best confront challenges and exploit opportunities facing our businesses. This is nothing new and is something that we continually do as a board.

“But no changes in leadership or responsibility have been made. We don’t normally comment on board deliberations concerning our family business. However, the widespread, inaccurate reports and rumours caused my mother and me to conclude that it was necessary to set the record straight.

“If changes are made in the management of the company that are newsworthy, we will announce them when they are made.”

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