Tony George out: and you thought the France family was odd…

In a not-so-surprising move, Tony George has stepped down from serving on the board of IMS. After being removed by his own family as President, George remained on the board…until now according to ESPN.


That’s not the shocking thing for me. No, the shocking thing is the bizarre statement made by his own mother who is the chairman of the board:

“As members of his family, we are sorry to see Tony leave,” Hulman & Co. chairman Mari Hulman George, Tony’s mother, said in a statement. “We are grateful for his service to our company as a board member and of course for formerly serving as CEO and president of our companies. I speak for our whole family in wishing him well. All of us had hoped that Tony would continue to serve on the board, and we made that clear to him. We are disappointed with his decision to step down despite our wishes.”

Good heavens! With a warm and concerned mother like that, who needs the lioness to eat their young? Just when you thought NASCAR’s France family was a bit odd–with their drugged-up racing in the streets of Miami and telling everyone that they own the town–Mari Hulman George takes maternal instinct to a new low.

I guess sometimes money has a way of severing even familial bonds. As evidenced by this statement. I know there has been stife in the boardroom as Indycar struggles to remain relevant in America but I thought she was going to start referring to him as “him” and “that one guy”.

Indycar’s death spiral started when George, the son, attempted to compete against the CART series of open-wheel racing. After the fractured open-wheel scene lost its luster, NASCAR came in to pick up the pieces. This left immense pressure on IMS and George was asked to step down (or so the rumor goes).

George is owner of Vision Racing and is expected to remain active in the Indycar series as a team owner. Maybe now he’ll join forces with ex-CART guys and revive the CART series which was a real racing series in real cars with real excitement.

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