Top 10 Things | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 765

Join Grace and me as we share our top 10 list of things we are excited to see in the 202 Formula 1 season. We also read your mail and have an Albon’s Cats session.

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Exclamation of disdain? I’m not using Masi… it’s still Maldonado…
Or for stupidity in other people, it’s a Kimi quote…


I think your analysis of Lewis’ future is about right. I would add that Lewis is the backbone of Mercedes and without him–that every team member can rely that he will deliver 100% every Sunday — Mercedes will not be able to support Russell the way he may need. The outcome of whatever regulation the FIA decide based on Masi’s idiocy has, already, undermined Lewis and that damages all of F1. You have to admit, if Lewis moves on, F1 will be damaged. Some will call him a crybaby, some will move with him to the next events, but in… Read more »


Some thoughts/wish list etc. Not in any particular order. 1. Karun needs to go, I’m sorry, but he had two minutes in F1 and SKY needs to stop trying to shoehorn him into the program. Jenson needs to replace him. 2. Drivers whinging about so and so pushed me off the track…., he didn’t leave me enough room…. This isn’t the school playground, it’s the big league. I know why they do it and it’s not a good look. 3.A somewhat biased opinion, but I’m hoping that Oscar Piastri gets a drive for 2023. He’s won the Formula Renault Series,… Read more »