Top Gear Contest: Update


Thank you to everyone, and I mean everyone, who entered the F1B Shell V-Power MPH Top Gear Live contest. We received tons of emails and I couldn’t be more grateful for your time and entries. I received some of the funniest emails from all kinds of British folk and what a wicked sense of humor! All of you are very excited about Jenson Button and who can blame you? You are all terrific! This is going to be a great time at Top Gear.

The contest is now closed and we will be picking, yes from random selection, a winner shortly. I believe we received more entries from females than males. What does that tell you about F1 in the UK? That there is actually some class, taste and intellect watching the races and not just us men and our fast machines. ;) Congratulations to the UK for having some of the best female race fans. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of NASCAR fans that are female in the US but not that many interested in F1.

Okay, the first questions was obvious but the second question was:

Which F1B staff actually have journalism degrees (yes, some of us actually work(ed) in Journalism)?
A) Two
B) Four
C) None
* Hint: It’s not “C” and it is actually 60% of our staff. Get the F1B abacus out! Bonus Question: Now, can you name them?

The answer? “B”. Yes, four of us actually work(ed) in journalism. The lucky journalism degree holders are Mark H., Steve (SJ Skid), Laura Marieee and Todd (Negative Camber). That’s 4 out of 7 of us and to be honest, the others are much better than I…I can’t recall much from those heady days at University. Although I do remember having the AP Stylebook permanently in my book bag but alas, I didn’t absorb much of it…obviously.

It would be great if the winner would be so kind as to stop by and post about their experience at the show. The rest of the entrants would love to hear about it and the rest of the world would like to be green with envy.

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