Toro Rosso announces Ferrari deal…briefly

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Never one to mince words, Toro Rosso have announced their deal with Ferrari for 2015 engines in 2016. Here are the comprehensive details via their official press release:

Faenza, December 4th, 2015 – Scuderia Toro Rosso and Scuderia Ferrari have reached an agreement that will see our team use the current Ferrari Power Unit in the 2016 Formula One season.

On-track testing will begin in February, 2016 at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain.

Get all that? I know…it’s complicated.

Talk about the master of understatement.


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Hmmm the interesting part is which Red Bull team will be faster next season?


So, using a 2015 engine, I am wondering if there is any development on it for the 2016 season, or is it just the same as it is today the whole season?

Abhishek Choudhury

NC, in your opinion, whats the future like for Torro Rosso, keeping in mind Franz tost comments all year long , his yearning for a manufacturer to take over the team ? They somehow don’t seem all that well aligned to the parent RB F1 family.

Negative Camber

If you consider Dan, Danny, Max and Seb…the program have been very effective as a young driver development system. In some ways, I feel like they would sell the team if the right buyer comes along but you can’t deny that it’s been effective for Red Bull.regardless, if the big team isn’t capable of making use of the driver development program (i.e. not competitive) then it doesn’t really matter. In that case, I could see them selling the team.

Tom Firth

My biggest problem personally with Toro Rosso, and credit to them, the message has been far more clear the last few years is that Red Bull seemed to spend a long time wrestling what the aim of owning Toro Rosso was, independent team or b-team to promote talent. That goal has been substantially clearer in more recent years. Next year though, it becomes a bit more cloudier again though by giving them year old engines, making it a little harder to see how good are, among the competition, if the aim is as has been for the past few years… Read more »

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