Toro Rosso: Ralf rumor is ‘nonsense’

Perhaps he was eager to capitalize on older brother Michael’s recent return to F1 or maybe it is a case of the media looking for a quote from someone close to the 7-time world champion regarding his signing with Mercedes. Either way, Ralf Schumacher, former F1 driver and younger brother to Michael Schumacher, started his own media blitz with the statement that his return to F1 was possible yet he had turned down offers from some of the new team entering the sport in 2010.

This raised a series of well-intentioned rumors that attempted to place the younger Schumacher at some of the possible teams in F1. Among them was Red Bull Racing’s sister team Scuderia Toro Rosso. The dots that had to be connected to create a rumor worth perpetuating was the relationship that Schumacher has with Red Bull owner Mr. Mateschitz. This was coupled with a German/Austrian connection and the fact that STR’s team boss Franz Tost spent heady days at BMW with Schumacher. According to Auto Motor und Sport, the rumor may have been a bridge too far as Tost said (translated):

“I know nothing about it, and that’s that. There’s nothing to it.” Seinen Worten nach zu urteilen, ist er nicht gerade ein Fan von dieser Idee: “Für mich ist das ein Blödsinn. Mehr mag ich dazu gar nicht sagen.” Judging by his words, he is not exactly a fan of this idea: “For me this is a nonsense. That’s all I do not say it.”

There is also mention of the Virgin F1 team being consulted by none other than former Schumacher employer Eddie Jordan. Jordan may have a higher opinion of the younger Schumacher as he drove for the team and had a modicum of success there.

Perhaps F1 is not finished with the younger Schumacher or maybe when pressed, he felt compelled to offer his own services to possible suitors by suggesting he is still being sought for his skill. In the end, perhaps F1 could see the brothers Schumacher return to F1 but for now, the elder, more successful Schumacher is still creating the penumbra by which the younger continues to live.

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