Toro Rosso retain Gasly/Hartley lineup for 2018

We suspected as much because we knew Pierre was in but weren’t sure if they would stick with Brendon, although that seemed like the logical conclusion. 

Good for Toro Rosso, I am excited to see what these two can do, in conjunction with Honda, next season. Here’s the full press release:

After making their Formula 1 debuts this year in Malaysia and Texas respectively, both drivers will continue together, as teammates, in the new year.

Next week’s Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi will be Pierre’s fifth Formula 1 weekend and Brendon’s fourth, gaining vital experience in order to start the 2018 season with already a good understanding of the sport and, at the same time, getting to know the team better.

“We’re really happy to have Pierre and Brendon confirmed so early by Red Bull as our drivers for 2018”, commented our Team Principal, Franz Tost. “During this last part of the year they’ve shown that they’re ready for Formula 1, getting to grips with the car quickly, showing good performances and always demonstrating to be prepared for the challenge. We have been truly impressed by both their steep learning curves. As we know, F1 is something that not all drivers can adapt to this fast! Therefore, we’re looking forward to having a full year with them; one where we can hopefully provide them with a good package which, combined with driver consistency, can surely put them in the best possible situation to deliver. I’m sure they will keep pushing hard and fight for strong results, together with the team.”

Pierre Gasly (#10):

“I’m super happy to race for Scuderia Toro Rosso in 2018, for my first proper season in Formula 1. I would like to thank all the people involved, who helped me get here: Red Bull, Toro Rosso, my family and all the ones who have supported me in the lower series. I’m really excited and super motivated to give it my all in Abu Dhabi and the whole of next year! I just can’t wait!”

Brendon Hartley (#28):

“Really amazing to be confirmed as a Formula 1 driver for next year with Toro Rosso – It’s very satisfying to have converted an opportunity that came as a surprise into a 2018 F1 drive, I couldn’t be happier! I’d like to thank Red Bull and Toro Rosso for believing in me and giving me this second chance – dreams can come true. I’m now going to carry on working harder than ever in order to finish this busy end of season on a high and start the new year as strong as possible… Bring it!”

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Salvu Borg

Good of STR to confirm their driver line-up earlier than expected, up to a day or two ago it was reported that only Gasly has been confirmed so far and that Brandon’s father was traveling to Yass Marina trying to land a hand to his son. Wish them both the best of luck.


Hartley’s signing by STR is leading the news here in NZ, that must be big because the All Black’s and the Kiwi’s are both playing this weekend.
He’s the first New Zeander to get a full time drive in F1 since Chris Amon in 1976. Unfortunately Amon passed away last year so didn’t live to see it.
Lets hope he has all the talent of Amon, ‘the best F1 driver never to win a race or championship’, but none of the bad luck.
Forza Kiwi!

Salvu Borg

With the very limited running we have seen so far from these two newcomers they have both done very well, in my opinion Brandon seems to be the more experienced and the more mature.


I agree, they have both got off to an impressive start. Hartley’s experience in WEC with Hybrid p.u’s must be an advantage to him, but Gasley seems to be managing the move into F1 very easily too.
It must have been pretty traumatic for Kyvat, into F1 like a rocket, STR then RBR, then an equally quick decline. At the age of 23, you’d have to be very resilient to cope with that.
Maybe when he’s 28, the evil doctor will want him back.

Salvu Borg

The red bullies dirtiest part as regards Kyvat was the very final act at the very last moment. I don’t know if you read about their final act with him or not and I don’t right now remember where I was following it, but they treated him like shit to the very end, these people really knows no shame.

Rock or Something

Wow I see this differently. I respect your view but I think Kvyat was not only driving awfully for way too long, but very rude and disrespectful to his team. I honestly think he had a drive way way longer than he deserved, especially in a development team when he was obviously getting worse not better, and the only reason he kept it as long as he did probably had something to do with keeping Red Bull on the shelves under favorable conditions in Russia. When for any other driver have you ever seen Red Bull give someone who’s screwing… Read more »

Salvu Borg

If everybody see things the same we wouldn’t be talking things over here, and ROCK, I too respect your view.

Salvu Borg

Hartley should have been in F1 a long time ago, but unfortunately he was attached to the well known good doctor.

Salvu Borg

While STR announced confirmation of Brandon on Thursday, Brandon revealed that the deal was signed “a couple of weeks ago”.


That would have been after his GP first weekend in Austin, STR make their minds up quickly.

Salvu Borg

AS I said, the kid should have been in F1 a long time ago, but unfortunately he happened to land were he did, some others suffered a lot more than him in the same hands, I remember one time, at the same place one driver even suffered a personal attack.

Salvu Borg

Hartley have yet to start a race from where he qualified. After he having experienced the bullet-proof reliability of Porsche, in three races with STR Renault he received engine related penalties amounting to ninety five grid place drops.

Neha Kumari

This is a really good read for me. Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I have ever read. Thanks for posting this informative article.