Toro Rosso to become Constructor in 2010

Scuderia Toro Ross is set to become a full constructor in 2010 with its own chassis and designer according to team principle Franz Tost. This is good news and should make Sir Frank Williams happy at the end of the day. STR have been competing in F1 with the Red Bull chassis and developments but Tost is quick to point out that a lot of hard work went in to the STR car as the Ferrari engine takes a completely different mounting design than the Renault.

“We are busy expanding our infrastructure because we have to design and develop our own car in Faenza next year,” said Tost. “Everything is running according the plan.

“The parts that the Concorde agreements demands every team must do, we will do in Faenza. But other composites, for example transmission and things produced with partners, we will make other arrangements for.

“But we will have our own chief designer. Adrian Newey is concentrating on Red Bull Technology and Red Bull Racing.” “This year we had to develop our whole engine installation,” said Tost. “A lot of those parts were designed and manufactured in Faenza.

“We will use the Red Bull wind tunnel in Bicester and we are establishing our own CFD department. There are wind tunnels in Italy, but from a cost-effectiveness point of view, Bicester is the best solution.

“It belongs to Red Bull, and because STR is a team that takes cost-cutting seriously, that is the best solution.”

This is really good news in my opinion. This small team is now developing their own CFD department, designers and staffing up in a difficult economy to compete in F1 and that’s terrific news. Without the success of Sebastian Vettel it remains to be seen how they will handle enticing new sponsors and talent but the team have some serious grey matter behind the levers and it will be interesting to see how the fare witht he likes of Williams and Force India as well as new teams in 2010.

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