Tost: Let’s talk ‘Customer Cars’…again

Franz Tost
Finally there is someone willing to breach the suject again about customer cars in F1.With all of Max’s ballyhoo about standrad engines, gearboxes, ECU’s, F2 and German themes; Franz Tost has called for a new discussion on the issue of the ‘privateer’. I, for one, fully support his notion of opening discussions again as I think this is the more crucial issue to the future of F1 than any of Max’s concepts.

Autosport carried the story so do check out the details of what he is suggesting. Interesting dialog maker to be sure. You can read it here:

“There are six manufacturer teams and 12 places, so I think there should be six manufacturer teams and six private teams, and each private team should work together with a manufacturer,” said Tost, whose team will have to become constructors from 2010 unless F1’s regulations change.

“The philosophy with Red Bull was always to have one engineering centre providing the two teams with the car. We have halved the costs, because our budget is a quarter of that of other teams and we are able to win.

“That means that what we have done so far from the efficiency and economic point of view is the right way to go. But the regulations are something different and therefore we have to change.”

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