Tost: Ricciardo could be the man at Red Bull

Keeping a thumb on the Silly Season, teams are offering hints and suggestions as to the moves that could be made for the 2013 Formula One season. Toro Rosso’s Franz Tost was in the hot seat on’s Q&A series and said:

Q: Franz, the rumour mill was working overtime in Budapest on who will replace Mark Webber in the second Red Bull car in 2014. How certain is it that one of your protégés will move over to the sister team?
Franz Tost:
 The likelihood is pretty high. Red Bull Racing is showing interest in Daniel (Ricciardo) and the decision will be made inside Red Bull. So there is no decision yet – but my understanding right now is that it could, in fact, be Daniel.

As for Raikkonen, the jury is still out but if Daniel Ricciardo is looking good for Red Bull then that is a closed seat and at this point, it would be hard to imagine Raikkonen or another veteran driver not wanting to be in the best car on the grid. While “it could, in fact, be Daniel” it doesn’t mean that it will be Ricciardo. Tost may be privy to a lot of Red Bull information but the final offer is most likely not laying on Ricciardo’s desk awaiting his signature.

If Red Bull were keen to stick with their junior team drivers, do you feel Jean-Eric Vergne is a secondary choice to Daniel Ricciardo? If so, why? Vergne has more points (13 to 11) over Ricciardo but what do you see in the two drivers that would suggest Ricciardo is a better choice? Is there a tangible reason we fans can see or is it really just down to inner-workings and information about the drivers that only the team could know that is making the choice?


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