Toto, Brain Damage and dumping Abu Dhabi | Podcast Ep 796

Join Grace and me as we discuss Toto Wolff, more Toto Wolff, brain damage, the FIA president, which car would have kept us moving on, and which races would we dump to make room for new races in 2023/24.

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Brandon Schaeffer

Hi Todd and Grace! Your discussion of Toto’s complaints about porpoising and the “two sides of the coin” scenario got me thinking about whether Toto’s expectation for an outcome really is binary: the FIA will either mandate technical changes (raise the cars) or it won’t. By framing this as a health and safety issue, Toto’s painting the FIA into a corner; based solely on sporting terms I think the FIA would prefer to not mandate raising cars to the detriment of the “silent” teams such as Red Bull and Ferrari, but if they don’t act they’ll appear not to take… Read more »


I am following the sport now since the mid 80s, and so far it was always like this: when a team for what ever reason does not want a driver in their car anymore, that driver will not be in the car. No matter what the contract says. And loyalty can only go for a certain way. When your career is on the line, you have to make an egoistic decision. And don’t worry, the teams are doing the same. Or where was that loyalty to Checo, Ottmar? Only question of interest from a fans perspective is now, whether Piastri… Read more »


Problem with Alpine/Renault always was, that the parent company never was willing to make the kind of investment like Merc, Ferrari or Red Bull, which for a full works team always frustrated me. So in a cost cap world my gut feeling would also say I’d rather drive in a McLaren than an Alpine, because they might be able to get more out of the money they have. Biggest looser here actually might be Fernando, because with all the changes going on at Aston I am very sceptical about their future. But then, it would not be the first time… Read more »

Xean Drury

The porpoising issue seems simple enough, given the amount of sensors on the car. If Toto is concerned about the frequency, simply mandate an average frequency that teams must meet. Then leave it up to them to figure it out. When thinking of tracks to get rid of, I think, “What track would I drop in favour of bringing Hockenheim or Turkey back?” Paul Ricard Barcelona Bah Rain Mexico Singapore (seriously, make this race 10 laps less if anything) Jeddah (Current circuit only. Let’s see what the new one will look like first) Miami – It’s a parking lot. No,… Read more »