Toto on VW…and everything else

You may have read past posts I’ve made where I have been amused by just how vocal, opinionated and eager to comment on everything that Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has become since becoming the team boss.

You can’t seem to shake a used brake pad these days without toto having an opinion on it. From Red Bull’s current situation to Ferrari, Renault’s engines, Pirelli’s tires, Formula 1’s management, marketing efforts, TV rights to Manor’s struggles, the FIA, engine regulations, small teams, sport finances, race organizers, the weather, road safety and just about every possible topic you can think of.

I would argue that Niki Lauda had taken Sir Jackie Stewart’s place as a rent-a-quote and I would say that Toto has inherited the role but Niki himself is still involved in F1 as the “elderly F1 fan” over a Mercedes. Between the two of them, there is hardly a corner of life that hasn’t been commented on.

Reading the delightful Mr. Noble’s piece, I was once again reminded that Toto hadn’t weighed in on the VW debacle yet…until now!

“The world doesn’t stop turning and it doesn’t stop turning for them either,” explained Wolff. “They have a daily business and part of that daily business is marketing, selling cars, and activating various properties. Motor racing is one of those areas.

“They do Le Mans with two brands, they do rallying with VW, and DTM with Audi. I don’t think it is going to have an effect on what they do in motor racing.

“Probably what is the right perspective is that this is much bigger than motor racing. And therefore I don’t see any impact on these activities.

“But who am I to speak about VW? I give you my opinion, but I obviously don’t know what is happening behind closed doors.”

There you have it, he’s resolved the VW issue. Toto loves you and has a plan for your life. He has your voice and position on matters when you may not be positioned, strong or brave enough to have a voice.

In fairness to Toto, however, he is loquacious and the press know it so they ask him about everything and he’s gracious enough to provide them an answer. It’s all good fun and interesting to hear his thoughts on the issues nonetheless. I don’t blame Mr. Noble for asking nor Toto for answering. I just find it humorous how quick he and Niki are to start urinating in other people’s sandbox.

Having said all that, I hope he’s right. If VW do have an interest in F1, I hope they get involved. As for hoping it could be Red Bull’s answer for 2016, I don’t see any possible way they could get an engine ready for next season. They’d have to pull rabbits out of hats and maybe even Toto’s arse to pull that off. Just no possible. However, we know they’re good with engine software, apparently, so who knows?

Hat Tip: Motorsport

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Paul KieferJr

I find it amusing when someone says “But who am I to speak about >xx<. Nice try, Toto.


very true, THe F1 media love him & he appreciates that love ;-)

Patrick Chapman

If VW do get involved in F1 they will definitely have the PU with the lowest emissions ever seen in motor racing. LOL The only surprising thing is that Toto hasn’t pointed that out yet.


I think the AG in several US States don’t really care what Wolff thinks or says.
The number given out are $ 8X billion USD by the time this is all done with in VW case.
VW name will be having bad PR for a couple of years. Racing won’t help the PR any.
If I was an AG and see that VW has money to race, the price/fine just went up.


From the WSJ.COM… doesn’t look good for these two guys

The two men, Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi
’s chief engineer, and Wolfgang Hatz, developer of Porsche’s
winning Le Mans racing engines, were among the engineers suspended in
the investigation of the emissions cheating scandal that sank the
company’s market value by 43% since Sept. 18 and triggered a world-wide
recall to refit the engines to meet clear-air standards, these people said.


“Far be it from me to weigh in, buuuuuuuutttt…..”


I actually really like it that he gives opinions, I find him informative. Yes, I could hear someone else say ‘I’m just focusing on one race at a time and trying to do my part for the team, the entire team is working hard, it’s a team effort’ but I’d much rather hear Toto Wolff spill his guts. I find he’s often specific, even about what’s going on in the Mercedes team. At least specific relative to the usual featureless PR you hear, or Jackie Stewart’s whining based on how things worked 40 years ago. Plus make fun of his… Read more »