Toto Wolff: yeah, I voted against reverse grids

Formula 1’s Ross Brawn was very interested in testing a new revers-grid qualifying sprint race concept at three race in 2020. The idea was to test the concept and see if it might be worth adopting in F1.

Unfortunately for Ross, there were two teams who voted the idea down. This didn’t make Ross very happy as he pointed it out int eh press that only two teams were not on board. F1 also announced they would be changing the approval process in F1 going forward with a 30-person group to review possible changes. There’s more to the story of changing the approval process and strategy group but that’s for another story.

Today Toto Wolff revealed that it was he he killed the reverse-grid concept in the Conservatory with a lead pipe.

“I did it because we have a responsibility in F1 to preserve the DNA,” said Wolff. “It felt wrong, not in order to preserve an advantage because maybe it would have been good for us as Ferrari would have been behind us when you look at the current qualifying pace.

“But I voted against it because when you’re looking at the 100m final in the Olympics, you’re not making Usain Bolt start five metres behind just to make it an exciting finish.”

Toto assures us that he voted against the revers-grid concept over DNA and not the current competitive form his team has and how the revers grid may hobble that advantage. That’s what I would say too, Toto. Fact is, winning six titles is not something you want to just play around with and see if you can pin jello on the wall by mucking about with qualifying.

The issue has been tabled now because it took a unanimous vote but with changes coming, 2021 could see it back on the table because it won’t require an unanimous vote then. As we said late last year, this year is going to get very dicey with all the power struggles and requests for regulation changes, cost caps and more.

Hat Tip: Autosport

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I would at least like to have Ross Brawn explain to me….and I mean to my face, not in the press or behind some door in a closed meeting…..why he thought reverse grids would work.