Toyota and Williams push regulations?

Williams F1
The FIA will no doubt address the current issue of the diffuser for Toyota and Williams. Amid the Ferrari F60 exhaust concerns, now there has been some eyebrows raised as to the legality of the Williams and Toyota diffuser. The FIA approved one system but it is unclear if that is the system they are currently testing as it seems lower than regulations require. We’ll see which one ends up on the grid in two months.

Jan.29 (GMM) Concerns about the legality of Williams and Toyota’s 2009 cars have reportedly been raised by rival formula one teams.

The British magazine Autosport reports that clarification from the FIA will be sought about the height of the teams’ rear diffusers.

It is said that “clever aerodynamic shaping”, designed to give an advantage in slow corners, may have been used as a loophole to exceed the new maximum height of 175mm.

“That’s something for the FIA to comment on. We will be asking the FIA about it, but we haven’t yet,” said Renault’s engineering boss Pat Symonds.

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