Toyota bow out of GPMA


You might consider this a political move and I would second your opinion.  Plainly Toyota has come to a cross roads with its dedication to Mr. Ecclestone and the FIA versus the loyalty of the GPMA.  As a manufacturer, Toyota sends a resounding shot across the bow of the GPMA.  Apparently not happy with the tinkering of the nuts and bolts of the situation, Toyota has chosen to withdraw and focus on their program.  I suspect a new found allegiance with FOM and the FIA is yet to come. 


In perspective, what does this mean for the remaining members of the GPMA?  Where will their noble group lead F1 negotiations in the future?  Is there really enough pressure to bear on FOM and the FIA at this point?  I think the answer is yes but what kind of pressure and why would Toyota see themselves above the fray?  Toyota clearly feels that the intent of the GPMA had reached its zenith and now the operational aspects of the sport are really off limits to manufacturers.  One might ask if Mr. Dennis agrees.

“Toyota has always believed that the fundamental role of the GPMA is to make constructive contributions in an advisory capacity to the sport in the pursuit of protecting Formula 1 as the forerunner of technological innovation.
“However, Toyota believes that the GPMA is currently focused more on operational details rather than the long-term strategic outlook for the future technology of Formula 1.
“As a result, Toyota will step down from the GPMA to avoid inhibiting activities which the majority of other members may wish to pursue. “

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