Toyota? Clean slate or leaving?

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If rumors are true, Toyota’s Timo Glock is looking for a ride for next season. Toyota did sign up to compete in the 2010 season but suggestion is the Singapore paddock were that both Jarno Trulli and Timo Glock would need to find a new ride. This prompted the odd notion that Toyota were going to start next year with a clean slate and all new drivers.

Is that the plan? According to Japanese media, Toyota F1’s Tadashi Yamashina said that leaving F1 is still an option and hinted that the parent company may still have reservations:

“We need to turn it into an F1 where you don’t need so much money,” Toyota team head Tadashi Yamashina said in Tokyo, according to the Yomiuri newspaper.

“We’ll have to consider various issues while bearing in mind our ties with the main company,”

This leads to the inevitable question: Is Toyota actually leaving F1 placing Trulli and Glock in the task of finding rides or are they actually starting the 2010 with two new drivers? Let’s hope it is the latter but something seems amiss here.

I am unclear as to why Toyota would release Timo Glock. He has proven to have good race pace given the right car and it seems to me that his release could be indicative of a larger move by Toyota. This is all supposition from my side but it does seem odd to have two new drivers with no history at Toyota F1 to build on.


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