Toyota F1’s best year; time to leave?

There has been a tremendous amount of speculation in the press lately regarding Toyota F1’s intentions for 2010 FIA Formula 1 Series Championship. In fact, the lack of any 2010 driver announcements, the Toyota board meeting to determine a budget, if any, for 2010 in two weeks time and the lack of any engine supply deals, as Williams F1 announced they are choosing Cosworth for 2010, has the rumor mill working overtime.


So F1B navigated its way to the terrific Toyota F1 online magazine called Push and tried to harvest any hint, insinuation or allegation as to Toyota’s intentions. It must be said that there was nothing. The PR staff who handles Toyota’s Push magazine are crafty, creative and very professional leaving this bottom-feeder (and once referred to as a “redundant news source)” bereft of any scoop as to Toyota’s future.

But what I did find was a terrific article with Pascal Vasselon, Toyota’s technical guru, about his passion for F1 and motor sport in general. I suggest you check it out at PUSH.

Also, speaking of Pascal, you can see his comments on the performance of team this year at Autosport. The tragic notion is that the team has had its best performing year to date and how sad would it be to pull out of the championship now.

This year the goal was to win a race and finish 3rd in the constructors title. They nearly did in the Belgian Grand Prix as Vasselon told Autosport:

“That race was my biggest frustration, because Spa was for us,” he added. “Jarno was the fastest there and we should have won.

“With a win at Spa we’d have virtually achieved both of our objectives in one go. We’d have had our win and, with another two points somewhere, it would also have been enough for us to finish third in the championship, ahead of McLaren and Ferrari.”

In the end, I hope Toyota stays. They have a terrific new national hero in Kamui Kobayashi with two terrific performances on the trot. A Japanese F1 driver that has real potential to succeed in F1. Something not only the nation of Japan can get excited about but the fans of F1 world-wide should be excited about.

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