Toyota hand Porsche last-lap win at 24 Hours of Le Mans

Toyota, who looked to be headed toward its first win at Le Mans, lost the race on the final lap with a mechanical issue handing the win to the #2 919 hybrid Porsche in the hands of Neel Jani.

A gutting result for Toyota who had worked so hard for the win and looked set to take the win until the penultimate lap when the car lost power.

The big story is the return of the Ford GT after 50 years to take the battle to Ferrari and win just like they did fifty years ago. That’s exactly what happened. An incredibly impressive debut.


1LMP1#2 PorscheDumas, Jani, Lieb384
2LMP1#5 ToyotaDavidson, Buemi, Nakajima383+ 1 Lap
3LMP1#6 ToyotaSarrazin, Conway, Kobayashi381+ 3 Laps
4LMP1#8 AudiDi Grassi, Duval, Jarvis372+ 12 Laps
5LMP1#7 AudiFassler, Lotterer, Treluyer367+ 17 Laps
6LMP2#36 AlpineMenezes, Lapierre, Richelmi357+ 27 Laps
7LMP2#26 OrecaRusinov, Stevens, Rast357+ 2m40.640s
8LMP2#37 BR01Petrov, Shaytar, Ladygin353+ 31 Laps
9LMP2#42 GibsonLeventis, Watts, Kane351+ 33 Laps
10LMP2#33 OrecaPu, Gommendy, De Bruijn348+ 36 Laps
11LMP2#41 LigierRojas, Canal, Berthon348+ 52.618s
12LMP2#27 BR01Minassian, Mediani, Aleshin347+ 37 Laps
13LMP2#23 LigierBarthez, Chatin, Buret347+ 1m50.325s
14LMP1#1 PorscheBernhard, Webber, Hartley346+ 38 Laps
15LMP2#49 LigierPew, Negri Jr, Vanthoor345+ 39 Laps
16LMP2#43 LigierGonzalez, Senna, Albuquerque344+ 40 Laps
17LMP2#30 LigierSharp, Brown, Van Overbeek341+ 43 Laps
18LMP2#25 LigierMunemann, Hoy, Pizzitola341+ 9.817s
19GTE Pro#68 FordHand, Muller, Bourdais340+ 44 Laps
20GTE Pro#82 FerrariFisichella, Vilander, Malucelli340+ 1m00.200s
21GTE Pro#69 FordBriscoe, Westbrook, Dixon340+ 1m24.794s
22GTE Pro#66 FordPla, Mucke, Johnson339+ 45 Laps
23LMP2#40 LigierKrohn, Jonsson, Barbosa338+ 46 Laps
24GTE Pro#95 AstonThiim, Sorensen, Turner338+ 1m43.107s
25GTE Pro#97 AstonStanaway, Rees, Adam337+ 47 Laps
26GTE Pro#63 ChevroletMagnussen, Garcia, Taylor336+ 48 Laps
27GTE Am#62 FerrariSweedler, Bell, Segal331+ 53 Laps
28GTE Am#83 FerrariPerrodo, Collard, Aguas331+ 2m54.897s
29GTE Am#88 PorscheAl Qubaisi, Heinemeier Hansson, Long330+ 54 Laps
30LMP1#12 RebellionProst, Heidfeld, Piquet Jr330+ 27.381s
31GTE Am#61 FerrariMok, Sawa, Bell329+ 55 Laps
32GTE Pro#77 PorscheLietz, Christensen, Eng329+ 1m01.994s
33LMP2#22 LigierCapillaire, Maris, Coleman328+ 56 Laps
34GTE Am#86 PorscheWainwright, Carroll, Barker328+ 2m06.472s
35LMP2#48 OrecaKeating, Bleekemolen, Goossens323+ 61 Laps
36GTE Am#60 FerrariLaursen, Mac, Nielsen319+ 65 Laps
37GTE Am#99 AstonHoward, Griffin, Hirsch318+ 66 Laps
38GTE Am#50 ChevroletYamagishi, Ragues, Belloc316+ 68 Laps
39CDNT#84 MorganSausset, Tinseau, Bouvet315+ 69 Laps
40GTE Am#57 ChevroletO’Connel, Bryant, Patterson306+ 78 Laps
41GTE Pro#67 FordFranchitti, Priaulx, Tincknell306+ 2m48.753s
42GTE Am#78 PorscheRied, Henzler, Camathias300+ 84 Laps
43LMP2#31 LigierDalziel, Derani, Cumming297+ 87 Laps
44LMP2#34 OrecaLeutwiler, Nakano, Winslow297+ 14.774s
45LMP2#28 MorganTaittinger, Striebig, Roussel292+ 92 Laps
46GTE Am#55 FerrariCameron, Griffin, Scott289+ 95 Laps
47GTE Am#98 AstonDalla Lana, Lamy, Lauda281+ 103 Laps
48LMP2#38 GibsonDolan, Dennis, Van Der Garde222+ 162 Laps
49LMP1#13 RebellionTuscher, Imperatori, Kraihamer200+ 184 Laps
50LMP2#44 OrecaGraves, Rao, Merhi283Retired
51LMP2#46 OrecaThiriet, Beche, Hirakawa241Retired
52LMP2#35 AlpineCheng, Tung, Panciatici234Retired
53GTE Pro#64 ChevroletGavin, Milner, Taylor219Retired
54LMP1#4 CLMTrummer, Webb, Kaffer206Retired
55GTE Pro#51 FerrariBruni, Calado, Pier Guidi179Retired
56GTE Pro#71 FerrariRigon, Bird, Bertolini143Retired
57GTE Pro#92 PorscheMakowiecki, Bamber, Bergmeister140Retired
58GTE Pro#91 PorschePilet, Estre, Tandy135Retired
59LMP2#47 OrecaMatsuda, Howson, Bradley116Retired
60GTE Am#89 PorscheMacneil, Keen, Miller50Retired
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Fred Talmadge

I read otherwise that the Toyota was not running at the end? Don’t rules say you have to be running to be classified?


Yes, the car has to take the flag at the end of the race to be classified. Although the number five Toyota did crawl around to take the flag, its final lap of over eleven minutes was deemed too slow.


ACO rules say 6 minutes maximum to complete the final lap, Toyota took almost 12 minutes. DQ. By the way, I’m betting on a blown charge pipe.

Tim C.

I was absolutely gutted for Toyota. To lose the race that way was heartbreaking.

charlie white

Every year, they edge closer and closer to victory. I bet Toyota is spending the same amount of cash annually as it did for its short time in Formula-1. I would not blame one bit if they decide to chuck the whole LMP program and leave it to Audi and Porsche.

Patrick Dinsmoor

I am completely gutted after that. It was such a close and fascinating race for 23hr 55min with the lead being exchanged on pit stops back and forth with no car really ever having more than a minute advantage. So much strategy, with Toyota going one lap farther on fuel each stint, and Porsche quadruple stinting tires. Porsche being faster most of the night, but Toyota being faster in the morning, and both being about equal for the last 4 hrs or so. Everything you could ever want in an endurance race with Toyota seeming to win the battle. But… Read more »

The Captain

I gave NBC a bunch of flack for showing golf instead of the F1 race last weekend, but with a couple of hours to go in my recording of Le Mans, FS1 LEFT the race coverage to show… Golf! Damnit!

Even had I been watching live I still would have missed it since they moved it to FS2 which hardly any cable company carries.

Motorsport coverage in the US is just a travesty.