TPF #607: The 2018 F1 season Review live stream

Join Paul and me as we live stream Podcast #606, the 2018 season review. Yes, we fired up our YouTube channel to live stream this podcast and you can watch it here:

Podbean Player:

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2500 words. That’s a little more prolific than I normally put out.


Just a note & some thoughts on this awesome community. I thought I would chime-in with a season review of sorts from a fan, from a different perspective. It has been a hard and difficult year personally for me, and I wanted to say to this F1 community has been a vital part of continual forward movement for me. Perhaps this is why I have been rabid about F1 since being 8 years of age. It pushes the boundaries of possibilities in skill, machines, technology and speed beyond belief. IT does not rest, it will not stop, it continues forward… Read more »

jiji the cat

Can I just chip in and say that from a fan at the bottom of the world, I love this community, and mike, it’s people like you that have kept me here listening and occasionally chiming in. I love engaging with all of you.
To all Patreon supporters, I salute you, and thank you.


I love the video format.. seeing the faces behind the voice makes it all the more communicative as if you know you guys better. It is an awesome video… good quality audio and video. Congratulations everyone. Now to see Grace in Video format.