TPF F1 Podcast #647 If not, then who?

Join Grace and me as we discuss the trouble with Vettel, the JPM gambit, the German GP (or lack of), the Syrian FIA grant for a war-torn karting club and much more.

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Dear Grace, Paul, and Todd, As a snide rejoinder I frequently respond to the rhetorical question, ”If you want anything else just ask”, by saying ”I want a 100 million dollars!” The worst that can happen is a negative response, the best that can happen is an assured retirement. However anti-social my attitude, the follow-on question is ”What would you do if you were infinitely wealthy.” After taking care of family and friends, I would build a F1 race track in Northern California using the east side of the hills just east of Livermore. The topography lends itself to hilly… Read more »