TPF F1 Podcast #652 Fixing Formula 1 in reverse

Join Grace and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week. We cover such things as the Miami GP, the reverse grid concept, and what Lewis Hamilton must do to win the FIA Formula 1 World Championship at this weekend’s Mexican Grand Prix.

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1. So, my question is: If Friday gets tied in like that, then what time do the teams have to get the car’s set-up right? 2. I dunno. If I’m in a luxury box, I’d be watching the race knowing that I’m watching it in air conditioning while I’m on a laptop tweeting about the action via wifi. 3. Not really encouraging America to embrace F1, the FIA. 4. The likelihood that Bottas finishes 4th or lower: 1%. 5. Actually, we made money back in hotel and sales taxes… for 1 year, maybe. 6. The idea of a track-in-a-parking-lot was… Read more »

Louis Jansen

Not only the Germans are great in fashion. How about the Dutch? Special creations are already tested with audiences in preparation to the ‘20 Dutch GP!


1. Everybody outside of the US is confused about baseball, especially as to why it’s called the World Series when only the US plays, it’s like you think there’s nothing outside of the US….. wait, I’ve just figured it out. 2. I’d have no issue with having a ‘mini’ race (or whatever you want to call it) on the Saturday, but I would also relax the Parc Ferme rules and let the teams adjust their set ups so that they enter the race with an even better understanding of being able to follow up close. 3. Not just flannel for… Read more »


I’m surprised that Cyril didn’t get the Sean Bratches Award.

“It’s going to impact what we could be doing for 2021 on the basis that, when you have multiple customers, in particular the way that Renault is doing it, we always try to satisfy everyone to take on board all the comments in terms of installation, and so on and so forth, so that will be one less distraction.

“We will be able to focus on ourselves and just on ourselves. And that’s it.”


American world champions? I have had this same conversation with a friend in the UK who made the same points. I countered it by saying the champion American team probably is the world champion in that sport. I used basketball as my example with him: I told him to get the best pro basketball team from Italy, Greece or Spain, let them play the NBA champions and the NBA team would trounce them in one 12-minute quarter. Even one of the lower tier post-season teams would beat their best teams. Take it further to a true potential world champion competition… Read more »


I wonder if there would be any appetite for an upgrades hold for a team that finishes on the podium. They could still develop the car but couldn’t put any upgrades on until both cars finish off the podium. It’d make for tasty racing at the front.