TPF F1 Podcast #657 The fully-electric podcast

Join Grace and me as we discuss Honda’s decision to stay or leave F1 due to engine costs, Ferrari’s friction point sand who is to blame, Ron and Mika’s Erasure years and competition cautions. We even offer a free movie review for your listening pleasure.

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Louis Jansen

Great podcast and interesting discussion about the Zandvoort circuit changes. The layout was already changed considerably in the late eighties. Especially the long straight was cut and there remained just a short run to Tarzan corner. And the back of the circuit was also changed. So you cannot compare these planned changes to the classic layout. They have to bank the last corner to be able to go through it with DRS open. Otherwise there will be no overtaking at all!


Dear Grace,
I really appreciate your input and love hearing your discussion. But you should know that I don’t know, y’know? Though you may think I know, y’know, I actually don’t know, y’know. And now you know, y’know?