TPF F1 Podcast #663 The pre-season Silly Season

Join Grace, Spike and me as we run down all of the potential driver moves at the end of the 2020 season. Most of the drivers are all at the end of their contracts in 2020 and there is lots of speculation about where they will go.

If you’ve been watching Formula 1 for a while, you’ll know that one big move can start an avalanche of moves and we discuss what some of those could be. It was a real joy to have Grace in town for the cast and Spike Kohlbecker along for the ride. Be sure you check out my interview with Spike in the most recent TPF Downshift episode.

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With Verstappen now signed for Red Bull, it looks like you got the silly season podcast in just in time.

Is it Grace or Todd who has the contacts in Milton Keynes to know that Max’s contract extension would be imminent?