TPF F1 Podcast #664 The Finger Tingle Show

Join Grace and me as we discuss Galvanic Skin effect silliness, the chills, leaked car launches and much more. We hand out a few awards in the process too!

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PoW Award: Mike.. well done, mate.

Fashion Award Winner:

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Tingling fingers doth not measure interest in auto racing or any other sport. I became a fan of F1 back when haybales seemed appropriate for track safety and Eau Rogue was a corner to be feared. At the time, it was clear that the cars were driven at the limits of the track and vehicle. Watch a race from the 1960s as the cars slide around turns, jump with all four wheels high above the ground, and passing (yes, there was good passing to watch) consisted of guts into or out of a corner. The seventies came and visible applications… Read more »