TPF F1 Podcast #665 Bratches taps out

Join Grace and me as we discuss the departure of F1 commercial boss Sean Bratches. We review the press release and rate his achievements. Won’t you join us?

We also discuss Lewis fighting off the youngsters, 2021 regulations and F1 cars and manage to mention a young chap named Arthur Leclerc.

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San Francisco 30-21. Better defense.


As a suggestion for the topic of episode 666, why not review the sources for the inside jokes and, more importantly, the sound board quips and quotes. It is one thing to say “Not good enough damn it!” but quite another to understand why it was said.


The only insight I have is that it’s the voice of the indelible Captain Jean Luc Picard of the USS Starship Enterprise. I shall now remove my horn rimmed glasses.


Like this (if it works) Take that Whoopi Goldberg


SkyF1 is a little dumbed down these days.

The Captain

You better be opening next weeks show with Iron Maiden’s Number of the Beast.


Showing my age here but The Lewis Hamilton Fashion Award image reminded me of Ruth Buzzi “One ringy-dingy…”


A “Pass of the Race” nomination for Kamu Kobayashi, twice, in the first twelve hours.