TPF F1 Podcast #666 The Evil Show

Join Grace and me as we recall some of Formula 1’s More dubious, worst, nefarious, bad or outright evil moments in history. The list is in no particular order and it is by means not an exhaustive list. Just things that popped into our heads when we thought about the past.

Let us know what things you would add the list.

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Well done you two! That was a very entertaining podcast. Only being a fan since 2008, this gives me some great context for these events that have happened that always seem to get mentioned here and there.


When you brought up Michael Schumacher, I was certain we would hear about Schu’s deliberate qualifying crash at Monaco(in the tunnel where there were no television cameras) to prevent Juan Pablo Montoya’s attempt. Or, from that era, Bridgestone/Michelin tire war to where, ultimately, the FIA declared the Michelin tires illegal mid-season.


A very memorable podcast. To be honest, I put spank-gate out of my mind. Your program brought back some, ah, ugly memories. Immediately upon listening my wife commented, “They left out Michael’s parking spot!” This is our term for when Schumaker, the better – not Ralph, parked in La Rascasse preventing Hamilton from getting pole position in Monaco.


Yeah but… this was so flagrant that the stewards penalized a Ferarri car on the same day as the infraction. My argument was for a race disqualification but allowing him to start last allowed Michael to prove his driving skills. The act itself showed that competitive skills sometimes fall second to sportsmanship skills, a la Suzuka in 1989 and 1990.


Spankgate was so bad for Max because of this (as explained in the podcast):

but that were his parents; I think he was a good leader; just compare him with Todt.


Been away and have been catching up on 6 weeks’ worth of podcasts back to back.

Lewis hasn’t always avoided any controversy, you forgot the time he twitted pics of telemetry and car setups.