TPF F1 Podcast #670 Dual-axis sandbagging

Join Grace and me as we discuss the news of the week. Including such hits as the Dual-axis steering system that Mercedes created, Williams, The copycats, the pink Mercedes, sharing info, the electrification of F1 and much more.

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The Captain

Ok, so I just went and pulled up the sporting regs because I did the proverbial yelling at my radio in the car, while ya’ll where discussing the DAS and Parc Ferme rules (not really, just ‘yelling in my head’ wishing you where a call-in radio show :) ). Because Parc Ferme only lasts from the beginning of qualifying to the START of the race. So even IF the DAS is afoul of the Parc Ferme rules, Merc can just not use it in qualifying then still use it once the race starts and the car is ‘out of Parc… Read more »


All DAS allows the driver to do is to change the angle of the front wheel by means of the track rods. If this is illegal the so is turning the steering wheel on every car.


The fact that Merc have been so open about this implies that they have been talking with the FIA to make sure it’s legality.
Mind you, my deep seeded cynicism keeps suggesting that it’s a red herring.


Grace got pretty hopeful there that it was for testing only. Riddle me this though, if it were just for testing, why the heck would they rely on an analog user controlled device? Electric actuators are what would be used. This is clearly intended for racing.


The discussion on electrification (great bumper btw) had me thinking of NASA. The reason why they haven’t sent a probe yet to the nearest star or Earth-like planet is because they know that by the time it gets there, it would be passed by a faster probe developed later. In other words, when you’re talking about ambitious projects, it’s much better to be reserved than it is reactionary. We’re at least 20-30 years from most vehicles being sold as electric. By then, compressed nano-carbon cubes could be the new amazing fuel. Meanwhile there is still much more profit and benefit… Read more »


With that logic NASA will never send a probe.