TPF F1 Podcast #682 Champ to Chump

Join Grace, Paul and me as we discuss how you can go from a champ to a chump in Formula 1 in just one season. We cover Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, the driver moves and share our opinions on the entire debacle.

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1. Not only was it good to get Kenseth back, he actually impressed with a 10th place finish (out of 40). Not bad for coming off retirement. 2. Sorry, didn’t think of that idea (decorative face masks). My bad. I’ll have a chat with the marketers. ;-) 3. Regarding incidents that happened to Vettel that were similar (Mark Webber), it only appeared as if two cars were going for the same piece of real estate, and it ends up being a racing incident. 4. I used to have a slot car track, but that was decades ago. 5. COTA does… Read more »


Cool to hear you discussing digital slot car racing. I have a Carrera Digital track, and really enjoy the strategic possibilities of digital racing. Building scenery for it is also quite fun; there is even some Parc Ferme advertising banners on some of my crash barriers. Basement racing is great fun, and much more tangible than a video game!


Concerning engine road relevancy, I have to agree with Mike, who asked the question and of course Todd. In my view, if F1 would have some sense, what is the most common engine produced right now? I give you the 2.0L Turbo. Almost every manufacturer has one. Make it a stock block with a 50,000 car homologation and let them go. Also, I raced a lot of slot cars before you kids were born, back in the early 60s, large tracks at hobby shops were a big thing, racing 1/32 and 1/48 scale cars. in the late 70s we had… Read more »