TPF F1 Podcast #685 Hot Air

Join Grace, Paul and me as well discuss the trick exhaust systems, Tires, Engines, aerodynamics, Williams and much more. WE offer a few awards and share your listener mail.



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Mark Boudreau

Just catching up on the podcast. Here is a fascinating article on sustainable fuels and F1 which essentially argues that even if the manufacturers left F1, sustainable fuels would allow F1 to go to independent engine builders (Ilmor, Cosworth, Gibson, etc) to build a simpler, less expensive hybrid internal combustion engine.   Personally I do not think there is one solution and F1 will eventually emerge as the R & D ground for them all. Electric, hydrogen, hybrids running on sustainable fuels, etc. Eventually manufacturers will probably settle on one solution which will end up being the predominant… Read more »


Maybe what we need is a “Formula Hybrid”. Then Merc, et. al., can explore that to their heart’s content while Formula 1 and Formula E can go do their thing. This way, everyone’s happy.