TPF F1 Podcast #688 2020 Season preview

Join Grace, Paul and me as we re-calculate our original season preview and discuss what we think might happen in this truncated 2020 F1 season. What will Mercedes do? Who will challenge in the midfield? Will Ron Dennis agree to being the paddock COVID-19 Officer?

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Tom Firth

F2 + F3 will support F1 at all the currently announced events + Porsche Supercup on the schedule for Austria and Hungary, not sure what else Porsche is doing yet as not seen a full schedule of that series, probably it all though.

If F1 does go beyond Europe, I imagine will be changes.

Pat Goodman

In an effort to align with the new F1 broadcast graphics, I propose a system to rank teams. The basis includes the three elements most important to a team success; drivers, car (including all factory personnel such a Josie who cleans the coffee machine), and management (owners and team principals). The formula is a simple equation that adds the three elements together. F1 Team Ranking = Drivers + car + management Each element includes sub-elements that are weighted on a scale of -2 to +11 (a prime joke for math nerds). For example, management is the summation of several key… Read more »