TPF F1 Podcast Ep 692 | F1’s employee review

Join Paul, Grace and me as we discuss Formula 1’s mid-year employee review. We rate teams, drivers and F1 on it’s mid-year performance and discuss why we rated them the way we did. Will F1, drivers and teams get a raise or fired? Listen and you’ll find out.

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Xean Drury

So correct me if I’m wrong here: Formula 1 wants teams to design their own unique cars Formula 1 has set for rule sets annually to ensure each car is designed to be similar Formula 1 wants to have the cars race closely to each other to encourage exciting racing Formula 1 does not want teams to exact copy each other’s designs to make the cars too similar Formula 1 devises tools to help the teams increase passing such as DRS and KERS Formula 1 does not want teams to devise tools to help the team increase passing so creates… Read more »


No one said that Formula 1 made sense.

Xean Drury

Too true!


So, my 2¢ worth on the Racing Point issue. Putting aside the legality of it for a moment, what I’m uncomfortable with the idea that it leads to a stock type series. Yes, I know that getting ideas from other teams has been around in F1 from day one, but it was always that, seeing the innovation and then adapting it for your car, not a copy/paste scenario. Teams will innovate something, whether it be a front wing, double diffuser, aerodynamic mirrors etc, the other teams would then develop their own version of it, giving the innovators some time of… Read more »