TPF F1 Podcast Ep 695 Spanish GP review

Join Paul and me as we review the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix. We cover each team and driver as they finished, talk about black racing suits, pass-less race tracks, and much more.


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RE: Perez blue flag penalty
Someone posted Hamilton’s onboard from behind Perez: , originally from:

Thanks for the podcast! :)

The Captain

Ok, I gotta chime in on something ya’ll mention every race podcast now :). As someone who had to research and write our shooting guidelines for Covid, yea you could helicopter me into the middle of the desert and I would still put on a mask if you handed me a microphone to talk into! The mic windsock is just a giant Covid sponge. Now sure, on the small ones like a lavalier we can buy a hundred little windsocks and change them out and throw away every interview, but anything bigger than that or the network branded ones and… Read more »

The Captain

Oh yea I get it, you’re not gonna find any research that says wether you can or can’t get it from mics since well, no one seems to have done any hard research on that yet. The best I could come up with (about a month ago) was to contact some experts I work with (I’m really trying to not out myself on the internet here) who lets say specialize in planetary protection and spacecraft sterilization for advice. They said that while Covid is rather easy to kill (they work with it), it could also live on those surfaces for… Read more »

The Captain

Things I will never look at the same again even after this pandemic if over. Microphones. People blowing out their birthday candles then offering me a pice of the spittle germ cake.

Xean Drury

“So yea, if you’re holding something that has been shoved into the face of someone else, wear the mask!” Just to add, most masks that you see people wearing, such as the blue disposable ones, will not protect from GETTING the virus, but they will help from SPREADING the virus. So the Anti-Mask crowd will say, “Well if it won’t stop me from getting the virus, then why should I wear it?” The reason is because: a) When you get COVID, you’re asymptomatic for a few days, meaning you could be spreading it around like a little Typhoid Mary and… Read more »