TPF F1 Podcast Ep 696 Contracts, sell-outs and copying

Join Grace and me as we discuss signing big, scary contracts, how to sell you F1 team and survive, copy cats and much more. We even hand out a few awards and read your mail.

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The visual link is great. Nice to lean in and watch and listen.

PS WordPress will not let me sign in. Can’t log in any way I try.

Xean Drury

RE: Constructors I think auto racing fans in Formula 1 tend to forget that they are fans of auto racing. Not auto building. Maybe some are more excited by X Wings than amazing wheel to wheel racing, but realistically the MORE that constructors ‘steal’ from each other, the closer the racing will be. Then it really does come down to who has the better driver on any given day. Look how close the midfield is this year. The midfield’s been amazing to watch! It didn’t get this way because the cars have developed so differently over the past 5 years,… Read more »


UK F1 fan, who got to watch his first Indy 500 (cheap COVID era Sky package for a few months… make the most of it) and I have to say that Indy was more noticeably empty than Silverstone to me. The track is enormous! The stands looked really sad, while Silverstone you tend to be watching the line through the corner. Two comments on the race. Firstly you have a lot of adverts. I’m sure you’re aware of this, but for us it cut back to UK commentary to fill the gaps, yet your commentators still had to mention the… Read more »

Worthless Opinion

Maybe slightly off-topic, but did anyone notice the Indy cars are using the windscreen we were told was impossible when they sold us on the toilet seat? Thinking back, this was rejected because it supposedly induced vertigo – the tester was Seb Vettel. Now that it’s clear he can’t do one lap without getting the spins, was the windscreen the problem in that test? Okay granted Indy cars seem to crash a lot, so maybe it doesn’t actually work, but it was interesting to me to see another series using this unusable solution.