TPF F1 Podcast Ep 700 The 700 Club

Join Grace and me as we thank all of you for supporting us for 700 episodes! We ponder the number of 700 and consider what that number means in F1 terms. We discuss a lot of things that have nothing to do with F1 or tangentially have something to do with it and get wistful about our time together with all of you.


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Xean Drury

Congratulations on 700 all! Even though I just started listening last year, trust me, every one episode feels like 700 :/ Bwahaha! Keep up the good work. We are entertained.


Woo-Hoo! 700! I’ve been enjoying your amazingly understated content since 2007 and then downloaded the previous 20 episodes to the beginning. Been all over it like white on a biker rally. So good. Todd’s avuncular thought-provoking stuff and the loverly Grace’s Sootle insight, ( kind enough to award me post of the day three times and three times call me jonny o’woody.) Paul, Andy, all your contributors – wow! Before I gush-out, I would like to thank you for all your effort at coming over effort-less; you have defined the last 13 years of our weird, surprising ridiculous, gossip-fuelled sport/business… Read more »