TPF F1 Podcast Ep 701 Russian GP review

Join Paul and me as we review the Russian Grand Prix from Sochi. We cover each team and driver as they finished and discus their race and all the shenanigans from Sochi. We even discuss Paul’s terrific top 5 result from Mid Ohio this weekend in the Heart of Racing Aston Martin.

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Xean Drury

Bollard. There, I said it.

Aren’t those things the stupidest concept ever? Whatever happened to relying on the established rule already existing, ‘you cannot leave the track and gain an advantage’? Or better yet, put a gravel trap there. That’d stop it.
Whoever figured the gap of those bollards must drive a Mini, because that angle was pretty much impossible for Perez. And I remember another race where Magnussen had to either miss the bollard (Penalty!) or drive backwards on the track to make them (Penalty!). Get rid of them.

Xean Drury

With all the drivers spouting out potty mouth style and wearing whatever clothes they want, I’m convinced the pinnacle of sports entertainment is digressing down to Degrassi Jr High levels of professionalism. I really hope they start reigning this in because these characters are becoming less endearing than a WWE heel.