TPF F1 Podcast Ep 704 planning, gravel, quandary, commitment

Join Grace and me as we discuss Red Bull’s quandary, Spa’s gravel, Carey’s planing and Mercedes commitment. We hand out award too and you won’t believe who loaned his shirt to Daniel Ricciardo.

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Tom Firth

Interesting point on Mercedes and using AMG, BMW announced that Jens Marquardt is leaving (Current BMW motorsport boss) and that his replacement will be the head of the ‘M’ division of BMW. Seems to be a strategy for BMW to push ‘M’ in terms of its motorsport activities too (ironic given were it came from originally) instead of the core BMW brand, this includes the next BMW Superbike from BMW Motorrad who are going to be using the ‘M’ brand for the first time in motorcycles. It seems a trend from manufacturers beyond F1 even at the moment to use sporting… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Tom Firth

Renaults and Citroens that have the centre of the steering wheel fixed is so that the airbag is always facing the same way, which allows them to shape the airbag more effectively because it with be deployed at a 90 or 180 degree angle.

Xean Drury

The least they could do is a digital screen that makes it LOOK like the wheels turning XD And maybe every now and then show a fan pumping their fists like the F1 Fan Board T_T

Xean Drury

To be fair, regarding shorter weekends, shortening the game has done an amazing job in popularity bump for Cricket (not that I watch it).

Tom Firth

It has yeah but in a way its just led to having different formats of the game too, which isn’t much different to what we’ve got in motorsport already with different disciplines of different lengths. Some of our sport is ‘made for tv’ too just like the shorter Cricket formats (Twenty20 and soon ‘The Hundred’) particularly.