TPF goes live on 12/23/2018 at 2pm EST

It’s the Holiday Season and that could only mean one thing…Paul is in town and we’re getting together to record a Podcast. This time we thought we would try to stream it live just for fun and here are the details if you’d like to join us on Youtube for a live video podcast.

When: Sunday, 23 of December 2018
When: 2:00pm EST (East Coast USA) or 8:00pm UK time
Where: YouTube link right here.

Particulars: We’re going to try and use my fancy software to stream a live podcast over our YouTube channel and hopefully this works. Nothing fancy, just Paul and me sitting together, staring blankly at each other and mumbling some things about the past season.

If all goes well, you should be able to chat at us and perhaps we can answer some of those questions as well. If it all goes to hell in a hand basket, we’ll record the audio (hopefully) and post it as an audio podcast. If it goes well, we’ll record the audio and post that too.

Complete Disaster: Let’s say, for one reason or another, things go completely south and we need to create a new link to the live feed. If that happens, follow us on Twitter for the update and refresh our Youtube channel just in case. I’m not planning on doing a Maldonado on this baby but hey, you never know, I just might “causing all the accidents”.

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Have headset/microphone, will travel. :D I’ll definitely be there.