TPF indi #1 Indycar Radio’s Ryan Myrehn

We are extremely pleased to introduce you to our newest podcast, TPF indi. TPF indi is a new Indycar podcast helmed by the fabulous duo of Dusty and Zach.

From their successful Slipstream Network podcast to their love of Indycar, we’ve joined forces to bring you both F1 and Indycar coverage. We created TPF as a safe harbor for new and veteran fans and now we’re taking that collegial attitude and creating a bridge between Indycar and F1 fans. It’s ok to like both series…no one is going to judge you here. ;)

This introductory episode finds me bloviating for a bit but the real stars are Dusty and Zak as they bring you Indycar Radio’s Ryan Myrehn. They cover the first three races of the season and share their thoughts on the upcoming races.

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Hello, guys. Welcome to the insanity.

Tom Firth

Enjoyed the podcast. It’s good to see you guys take it over from Doug, John and myself. I wish you all the best in your podcast and will listen in whenever a new episode drops. I’m just wondering what your opinion is on the chance of a third engine manufacturer in Indycar. I see it personally as slim but possible although I wish could happen now rather than later as Indycar needs it to grow. Would you have any ideas on who that may be? I thought your picks were good, I liked Ryan’s pick of Rosenqvist. Been a big… Read more »

Tom Firth

Hey, thanks for the response. I feel you’re probably about right regarding tire kickers but no commitment. I think it sums up Indycars current predicament regarding the 3rd manufacturer pretty well. That said I’d rather someone came in fully committed than another Lotus/Judd scenario whereby the money doesn’t arrive, the program is 6 months behind the opposition and it’s a total catastrophe. If it takes a bit longer for Indycar to find that partner then so be it. I doubt personally we’ll see anyone commit before they have too for 2021 or whenever the new engine regs are put in… Read more »