TPF Podcast #557- Epic 2017 Season Review

I know you didn’t ask for a 2017 Formula 1 season review podcast but like a dolt, I offered one before the holidays and with all the name changing, shenanigans and goings on, this is the first chance we’ve had to do one…reluctantly.

We review each team and driver and I rank the teams and Paul ranks the drivers…and corrects me on my team rankings because they are daft.

We hope you enjoy re-visiting the 2017 F1 season and we offer our sincere apologies for this outrageously long podcast that should be banned for its egregious length and silly impact it may have on your active lifestyle.

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Nicolas Ioannou

I really enjoyed this review, in fact the podcast wasn’t long enough. I also had the same number 1 team without revealing for others.


I haven’t had the chance to listen to the podcast yet, but I came across this article today that I thought would stir up a bit of interest

Adam Seeary

Great job once again. Don’t forget that Danny Ric walked into Red Bull and knocked Vettel’s feet off the table there. Sure, his mind may have already been on the way out of the team, but that’s still no mean feat. I think he needs to move on also, but where to is the question. I haven’t listened to the 2018 preview yet, so you may address that there?

sunny stivala

“Danny Ric walked into red bull and knocked Vettel’s feet off the table” That assumption shows lack of understanding of what really went on at the time in question.