TPF Podcast #558- The American Driver

Join Paul and me as we discuss the plight of the American driver in formula, pay our respects to a singular American driver and discuss Haas F1’s comments about no current American driver being ready for Formula 1. It’s all here on this week’s Podcast show and it’s an All American Podcast.

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Yeah, the only “onesie” you should be wearing is a fire suit.

Matt Guss

Thank you for the backstory on Paul, I didn’t know any of it and it adds color listening to these great podcasts. Great show today, especially the insight of drivers coming up thru the ranks in both US and Euro series, trying to get noticed while they’re trying to get good (or gooder ;) )


The Dan Gurney homage was great, he was a true legend of motorsport and a brilliant innovator.
The discussion of American drivers and the motorsports ladder in the US was really interesting.
Laughing at Lewis in a onesie, whats not to love?
But, the Bravado Award for someone for pointing out that fossil fueled vehicles are on the way out????? Is that really the prevalent attitude in the USA? Perhaps you guys deserve the bravado award for having such a close minded attitude.