TPF Podcast #559

Join Grace and me for Podcast #559 as we discuss F1’s three buckets to better racing, Williams and the Russians, and we even read your mail and hand out awards.

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First, I’d like to say I appreciate the podcast and I enjoy the fact that anyone can come here and have a discussion. I also agree with a lot of what you and Grace postulate during the podcast. In case you don’t hear it I often have a conversation with you during the podcast… maybe I need to see someone about that! It’s a good thing Paddy ‘dwindled’ everything down to 3 simple buckets… that cover the entire car! Do you think this is his way of making it appear that he isn’t trying to change everything, while trying to… Read more »

Paul van der Meer

A thing they should also look at is making the brakes less efficient. Every year the brakes get more efficient, wich means shorter break distances before the corners. Wich in turn means less oppertunity to outbreak other cars goig into corners. This also brings out more driver skill as the exceptional drivers can make more of a difference in braking.


Totally agree. Mandate smaller brakes and they innovate the heck out of them to bring them back up to spec. Meanwhile we’ll enjoy some juicy action.

Of course someone will yell, “Safety!”


I’ve been proposing a return to steel brakes in F1 for years.


I don’t think a return to old technology is the way to go. Just reduce the the size, and they’ll have to innovate to get anywhere near current levels. It will actually spur development and innovation and “road relevancy”.


Well, one could also return to the slower, less powerful 1970’s engines and heavier cars. That’ll certainly lessen the need for brakes. ;-)


Interesting thoughts SubC. You’ve obviously put a fair bit of thought into a way to regulate the front wing aero. I quite agree that the aerodynamics are really difficult for fans to see and appreciate differences between cars, and as you say, between the same car on different weekends. In my view, the intricate aerodynamics of race cars is one of the least ‘road relevant’ aspects of F1. The other least road relevant is the high profile tyres, and the suspension systems they form part of. As you know I’m a huge fan of the hybrid p.u’s. I agree the… Read more »


I forgot about the low profile tires Pirelli was looking at. For sure I’d like to see those used full time and as you say, let the suspension do suspension stuff and the tire do tire stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love the hybrids, and the only way to get the reliability needed to start thinking about putting systems like this on a road car is to have racing series spend lots of $$$ on getting the best engineering solution. I just see them as a stop gap at the moment until full EV kicks in. But for full… Read more »


For starters great show and good discussions to get through the low season. But last months I heard some weird comments about the Williams seat. That they could not hire a young driver because of the Martini deal. It appears now that they never had any trouble with the age of the drivers. Exactly as I expected it to be. You made comment that it had to do with that young drivers are not yet allowed to drink alcohol. That is a bit of an American centric argument. First of all most countries have the legal age either at 16… Read more »

Paul van der Meer

@Wayne, If you’re looking for a european race i’d recommend Autria. I’ve only been to European races so i can’t comment on races outside of Europe. But the best experience i had was at the Rad Bull ring. As the circuit is up aginst the slope of a mountain you can see almost the entire circuit, Espeacially when you book tickets for the Rad Bull A grand stand, from there you can also see the start finish strait. Plus they offer grand stand hopping ticket, with wich you sit on a different grand stand every day. They offer it three… Read more »


Is your seasonal “fantasy” league open to fans, and if not, is there an online fantasy league that you (or anyone else) recommend?


rapierman has some links in the forums ( for several different fantasy leaques. F1, Nascar, Indycar, and BTCC so far.


What would I like to see as the new regulations for F1? Ideally, a real fresh new challenge, a complete change in the direction of the cars and sport. Something that would challenge the engineers and teams to innovate, and will reward innovation with success. Most of the engineering challenges that motorsport set out to solve, all the way since the 1900’s, have been solved. These been around reliability, performance, drivability, etc, etc. The most of the current set of challenges that manufacturers and vehicle users want to have solved (autonomous vehicles, reduced emmissions, safety, etc) don’t seem to lend… Read more »


Still catching up on my Podcasts, I have a thought on the driver movements. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Ricciardo went to Renault in 2019. I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out. To win the WDC he will need to be in a works team or he’s got no chance, so that leaves, Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault. RBR is a possibility but only if they get an engine from an external supplier (Aston Martin) and even then, it won’t be competitive straight out of the box. So DR3 will need to be top dog at whatever… Read more »


Yeap, and I would rate Daniel over Nico and Carlos.