TPF Podcast #560- Toto Wolff blames process, not people

Join Grace and me for this podcast as we review the 12 steps to successful management by Toto Wolff. We ponder the hope of US fans and an actual television broadcast and we discuss Assen.

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Dr T

Hey NC, Here in Australia we have to pay to access all F1 content through a pay TV (“cable”) provider – Foxtel – that takes the british Sky F1 feed. It’s brilliant except for the Australian race, where due to contractual reasons, ad breaks have to be added. Anyway, I’ve been surfing around the F1 site and came across this article on the F1 TV arrangements for 2018. Sounds a bit bleak. Best wishes Dr T Gunther Steiner says Haas wants to place F1 on American TV network, but does not feel there is anyone currently ready to step in.… Read more »


OMG! With the Lewis Hamilton Fashion Award, you didn’t even mention the corn rows! I imagine Lewis had hair extensions added to his existing plastic (or are they “real”?) transplants, but they look RIDICULOUS! Why does Lewis have to turn his balding head into a fashion statement? It looks bad enough as it is! And (from a balding guy) what’s wrong with balding? It means you’ve been around the block a few times and might have some profound insight into the world at large, for God’s sake!

sunny stivala

He told the kid on his right “boys don’t dress like that- they dress like me- as otherwise they are not looked-at- and neither would they be able to give the girls some competition”.
As regards the hair, A fan-boy of his said:- “his synthetic hair is made as per US patent 4813858, it is produced from hair fibers, single type monofilament fibers, three different poly filaments fibers, acrylic, and polyester.


I think that rather than holding races in cities they should do more of the events where they drive the F1 cars around for an hour or so. I was lucky enough to see Button drive down Deansgate (Manchester) in 2011 (had to google the year) and the noise/speed was amazing. I also sat in the rain at Becketts 2008 to see Hamilton win (having paid a small fortune for the privilege). If I’m honest after the initial excitement watching the practice sessions and qualifying I found that the race itself was difficult to follow. In the end I found… Read more »


Whilst I like Will Buxton’s live point of view and Steve Matchett’s tech talks, I would absolutely love to have SkyF1 available as a streaming service in the USA. Their coverage is phenomenal, and I relish every minute when I’ve been able to watch it for a race weekend. The F1 Show, Legends Series, and other supplemental material is also great. What would I pay? How much is NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV? It works out to approximately $30/month over the course of a year for every single NFL game…..and that’s would I would pay for full access to all… Read more »


I’m just happy Lewis is leading the charge to bring the fanny-pack back into fashion.


Grace – great to hear you’re a closet cricket fan. This is clearly the case as 19:14 into the podcast you used the cricketing term ‘sticky wicket’.

Any comment on the recent Ashes series?